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Note:  The offer at this thread is not available any more. Products were offered to members at Digital Point Forum to collect there feedback and reviews of my package. The products and package offered here now in my site have been updated with fresh new quality resell rights products.
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Testimonials From digitalphantom05

I got the review copy. Thanks. I've seen a few good packs already and let me say this pack is a great deal! With the content here you can easily get your investment back. This are big packs so you better have a good connection I've only seen a few of the files from here but I am already satisfied! I suggest you include this pack in your collection Thanks.

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well not more than a few hours to complete deal...OK .but took a while to download the content due to large files .Have had a chance to check some of the items and I watched a few of the ebooks.... learned something too !.So well worth the price and probably worth lots more !.Some of the ebooks are older but this was expected with price so check content if you resell these cause some of the info or products may not be around snymore. Generally give "A" grade
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I have just unpacked my 630+ packs and I must say that I am impressed by the diversity of the material. There is something for everyone in this package and even if you are not sure of what niche to go into, there are are packages to help you decide that as well! A Great Package, its like finding yourself in a toy shop, where do you begin? Thanks again.
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Cruise Ships
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Diabetes and Obesity
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Diesel VS Gasoline Vehicles
Digital Music
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